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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Must Have Tuesday

This week was supposed to be the start of "Must Have Mondays". Did I mention that I am a MAJOR procrastinator? If I didn't, let me inform you of it now... I AM A MAJOR PROCRASTINATOR. Anyways... last week while flipping through a magazine at work, I came across these really fun leashes. So, my pick this week is the Laughing Leash from Laughing My Tail Off.

Aside from the fact the this leash is pink AND fuzzy (enough said if you ask me), it eliminates the problem of your dog getting tangled in it's leash when you are out walking. It kind of like a scrunchie, or a bungee. It starts off as a two foot leash and as you dog pulls it will extend to up six feet, but it will only be as long as it needs to be! So when your doggy is walking nicely beside you, you won't have four feet of leash dragging the ground and getting tangled around your poor dogs legs. It also comes in different colors or non fuzzy, if you aren't obnoxious like me. Personally though I think the one in the picture is AWESOME. Go check out their website at, and let your dog enjoy walks more!

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